Anti-crisis and anti-covid19 investment

The impact on the Italian and global economy due to the restrictions aimed at containing Covid-19 infections has already shown its first effects, but unfortunately it is only just beginning. Despite all the economic countermeasures, and not only, taken by all the various world governments, it will still take time to discover the breadth and depth of the economic damage that we are about to face. 

The consequences could be very varied, including business closures, job losses, reductions in turnover and so on.

A careful and conscientious person MUST prepare before reaching the end of the line and secure their savings without compromising their economic capacity in terms of liquidity. In fact, the greatest risk, both for those who own a business and for those who risk losing their job, is to wipe out their savings trying to meet their economic needs. Although it seems like the best choice to put your savings aside and use them to deal with daily difficulties or business deficits, this choice risks jeopardizing your future forever. Remember that once your savings are exhausted they will not easily come back, especially if your business has been closed or your job no longer exists.


Hence the ideal solution is to resort to a real anti-Codivd19 investment, such as the purchase of a property with a certain return and economic value. An investment of this kind allows you to secure your savings, ensuring their increase in value over time and at the same time guaranteeing an emergency income. Furthermore, since a property made for income is a certain guarantee for a bank, the best solution in case of need to use one's own resources is to request a loan guaranteed by the property and covered by the rental of the same. In this way you will not jeopardize the existence of your savings and at the same time you will have the sums necessary to meet your needs in complete autonomy and safety, in fact the amortization plan will be completely covered by the rent, which we remind you increases from year to year. year together with the ISTAT index. The ideal, in this case, is to plan for the purchase with the help of a mortgage while you are still in a solid position regarding the credit assessment, guaranteeing adequate duration and rates.

This solution allows you to have a rescue parachute available to be able to start from scratch or to guarantee the use of all your savings without compromising its existence forever. 

The worst scenario of a crisis of this type is to exhaust one's savings, lose one's business or job and not have the economic strength to restart and/or cope with one's economic subsistence.

The economic and global scenario requires attention and care for one's interests without being guided by panic and fear, but instead acting logically and calmly to face the future to the best of one's possibilities, securing one's future by guaranteeing oneself a important and certain way out.

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