How to insert an html code for hit counter, or view counter, into your website for free

There is a very simple, and totally free, way to insert a hit counter, i.e. view counter, into our website or internet page, even for those who are not experts in HTML or CSS codes.


Just go to the site https://www.hitwebcounter.com/webcounter.php, choose the font you want to give to your counter, enter the URL of the reference page, which is very important as the html code obtained will be related to the specific one url, choose how many digits the counter should have, the starting number of the count and finally whether the view count should be for general views or for visitors.


Once these parameters have been set, simply click on the "get your counter code" icon and a page will open with a string of HTML code that you will have to copy. Don't worry about making changes to the code as it is already complete and fully functional. Once copied you will have to insert the code obtained into your site.

If the site was created using Jimdo, Wordpress or similar portals, simply search for the HTML code (or widget/HTML) item among the available tools; if instead you created your site from scratch, simply insert the code among the code strings main in the position you want, without having to worry about inserting other codes (it is important, obviously, that the code is well positioned and not outside the closing codes of the page you are editing).

Visit counter For Websites
Visit counter For Websites

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