Painting or spray painting - Advantages and disadvantages

Spray painting has many advantages, but it also has limitations. With spray painting there are no particular limitations on the types of environments and paints, however it is necessary to make sure that the product we intend to use can be used with this methodology. In fact, since the paint must be sprayed, it is necessary to have a fairly diluted and fluid compound, consequently not all products are suitable for this technique. Another disadvantage, if we can define it that way, is that to carry it out it is necessary to equip yourself with a kit (mask, gloves and glasses basically) since through the nebulization some paint particles travel in the air or will settle on other surfaces. This entails the need to protect the entire environment in which you intend to operate, as well as yourself. However, these are precautions that we should also follow when painting with a roller or brush.

Furthermore, they are still professional tools, therefore you must know in detail which pressure is best to use, the type of gun, the type of nozzle, the ideal inclination of the jet, the distance, the dilution, the use of the viscometer and so on . Consequently, it is not a tool suitable for a beginner, or in any case someone who does not know its characteristics and methods of use well.

An important precaution is to have a perfectly smooth surface.

The advantages are many and easily deduced: 

- speed of execution;

- speed of drying;

- limited paint consumption (there will be a tendency to use less paint and waste less);

- excellent finish of the work (the danger of superficial brush strokes is avoided).

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